High risk for rip currents along area beaches today

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Rip currents could make swimming conditions dangerous at area beaches on Friday.

Swimmers should be on the look out for flags and warnings put out by lifeguards warning of different hazards.

A red flag is the most serious, warning swimmers of strong currents.

Storm Team 5 Meteorologist Glenn Glazer says the risk of rip currents is high and dangerous for swimmers of all levels.

Rip currents are channels of water that can pull a swimmer further into the ocean or off course. A swimmer caught in a rip current needs to swim parallel to it and not against it.

Rip currents can be especially strong near jetties and piers so swimmers should stay away.

Parents also need to keep an extra eye on their children because rip currents can be strong even in shallow water.