Red light cameras touted for helping to reduce traffic collisions in Boynton Beach

New cameras could be up as early as April

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - For more than a year, red light cameras have captured every move drivers make at four major intersections in Boynton Beach. More than 10,000 red light runners are caught on tape.

City leaders say they're also reducing collisions, so they're considering adding more.

"I think it's great. It certainly exceeds the expectations we had for a reduction in accidents, so we're happy with it," says Police Chief Matt Immler.

Research shows overall, the number of traffic crashes dropped by 58% where the cameras are located.

" I don't like the concept of Big Brother, but when you look at  the number of accidents and deaths, how it impacts families, you have to balance that," says Mayor Woodrow Hay.

It appears the city wants to add cameras in the center of town. Two at Boynton Beach Boulevard and 8th Street, at Woolbright and 8th Street, and Boynton Beach Boulevard and Secrest.

Locals are torn over the issue.

"I'm not in favor of them, it's like entrapment," says Paul Reid.

"I think they're wonderful, we see kids riding fast everyday and this will stop them, ticket them and that should prevent accidents," says Kelley Reid.

If the cameras are approved by commissioners this month, the new ones could be installed as early as April.

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