Red-light camera fines begin in Boynton Beach

No more warnings

BOYNTON BEACH, FLA - The warning period for Boynton Beach's red light cameras is over. Now, drivers face a $158 dollar ticket for running a light.

"You know, it's a stoplight. You're supposed to stop and then go. We're not changing state law here, about stopping and going. Those are all still in place. We're just going to enforce them through cameras," said Boynton Beach Mayor Jose Rodriguez.

The city's had its eyes on drivers at two locations for a month now, giving them time to put the brakes on any bugs in the system.

"I haven't received any specific feedback about any challenges with the one month trial. Had we had some challenges, we would have postponed it or reviewed it, but we haven't had any as far as I'm concerned," said Rodriguez.

Every potential violation will be reviewed by police prior to a ticket being issued.

The city says it is more concerned with the safety of its roads, than with the potential revenue generated by the cameras.

"Hope that we can reduce the accidents at those intersections. It alleviates police Officers from having to come out to the accidents, and reinforce the folks that run the red light," said Rodriguez.

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