Rainfall swamps cars and parking lots throughout southern Palm Beach County

School bus stalls in water with students aboard

SUBURBAN BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - From school to swamped, hundreds of Park Vista High School students had no choice but to wade through high water to get home Monday.

"Students that usually leave with no sixth or seventh period couldn't leave. The courtyards were flooded," said Bradley Elovitz, a senior at Park Vista.

The floodwater proved to much for one school bus. It stalled out less than a block from campus with about seven special needs students on board. Parents came to carry their kids home.

"The school called to tell me the parking lot was flooded and they were re-routing traffic anyway. I didn't anticipate that the bus was going to be flooded," said Virginia Barley.

Parking lots in several parts of suburban Boynton Beach were under water, as many as nine inches of rain fell in just a few hours. 

Students and teachers at Park Vista High moved their cars to higher ground, but for many it was too late.

"It sucks. I feel back for the people who have their cars soaked," said Samantha Kelley, a Park Vista High School student.

The Palm Beach County School District says portables at nearby Christa McAuliffe Middle School were evacuated due to flooding, all students were taken to the main building until school let out.

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