Boynton Beach man dead after hit and run, former crash survivor speaks out against roadway dangers

Police are looking for a a beige pick-up truck

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - It's been a long five months of recovery for Angel Soto. He was hit by a car after he helped to rescue a stranger from a car crash on October 29, but lost his own leg in the process.

"So far, so good, but I'm still recuperating," said Soto. "I'm happy to be here, and I'm just going to keep on learning how to walk."

Soto has been hailed as a hero for his selfless actions. Now, he has a prosthetic leg, and walks with a cane. Since losing his leg, he has been concerned about his hometown's streets, and he was sorry to hear about another accident on the very same road on which he suffered his accident. The recent accident was one in which the victim didn't walk away.

"Little accidents do happen," admitted Soto. "But for a death, I think it's a shame."

Joseph D'Errico, a 26-year-old Boynton Beach resident, was hit by a vehicle Saturday at 12:32 a.m. Witnesses describe the runaway vehicle as a beige pick-up truck. D'Errico died at Delray Trauma Center.

Police are asking if anyone has information, for them to contact CrimeStoppers of Palm Beach County.

"My heart goes out to that family," said Soto. "All I can give is my prayer."

Soto believes a traffic light at the intersection of the recent accident, Knuth Road and Old Boynton Beach Road, would make a huge difference.

"It's a very busy highway," he said. "So maybe one day the city of Boynton Beach decides to put a light here, a traffic light to indicate, or at least to slow down the flow of traffic."

"I feel like there should be something here for safety reasons," he continued.

Cheri DuBois, another Boynton Beach resident, lives two blocks away from where Saturday morning's accident happened. DuBois said it could have easily been her who was hit, walking across a street.

"I walk to school, I walk to work, I don't have a vehicle," she explained. "I don't ride the bus. So everywhere I go, it's south Florida, the weather's nice, people walk."

She also questions the roadway's safety, especially after the deadly accident.

"How many people are going to have to lose their lives before somebody makes a change?" DuBois asked.

She said more traffic intersections near the Boynton Beach mall need stoplights.

"They really need to pay attention to smaller areas that are coming outside department stores and stuff like that," she said. "Not just focusing on larger intersections."

Soto hopes a resolution can come before the roadway becomes the site of another accident.

"I just feel for any innocent bystander that's walking, I just feel for their safety," he said. "I just hope that we don't have to have another tragic ending."

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