Patricia and Demetris Walker, Boynton Beach couple, face charges for allegedly abandoning four dogs

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. —  Former neighbors of Demetris and Patricia Walker remember seeing the couple's four pit bulls around the building.
"I saw them when they were puppies... but they looked healthy to me," said one.

What they didn't see what was inside the couple's Northwest 10th Avenue home.

Boynton Beach investigators released photos of what they found. They show two of the dogs left in crates. Two were found with their faces pressed into broken windows, and all of them were malnourished and underweight.

"It was horrid, there was feces and urine throughout the house, no food or water throughout the house, particularly disturbing was one corner or the homes was a bloodbath, where two of the dogs got into a fight," said Liz Roehrich, an animal cruelty investigator.

Roehrich says the dogs were likely left alone for 2 to 3 weeks.

She says she's actually seeing less of these cases in Boynton Beach, compared to years past.

But it never gets easy. "Way too often the individuals I deal with  are looking at these animals as possessions, not the living breathing, feeling beings that they are."

Police have issued a warrant for Demetris and Patricia Walker -- who no longer live in the home.

A former neighbor says times are tough and food may have been hard to come by.
"They taking care of people, they ain't worried about those dogs, people trying to eat," the neighbor said.

Two of the dogs had to be euthanized and two were adopted out.

The new owner of one of the surviving dogs says she's doing great now ...her new name is Sheila!

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