Park Vista will open four new cheerleading spots after concerns about racism raised

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - A school accused of discriminating against eight African Americans who tried out for the cheerleading squad has come up with a solution.

Park Vista High's cheerleading team was accused of discrimination after none of the eight girls made the team; but now they may get another chance.

The school has decided to hold another cheerleading try out in August, and will open up four new spots on the team. Only the eight girls, along with the other sixteen who didn't make the squad, will be allowed to try out again.

The decision came after a heated meeting among school officials, parents and the girls, now known as the Park Vista 8.

At first, the decision was not to allow the girls on the team or another opportunity to try out.

Principal Reggie Myers says then, after a cooling off period, he and his staff had a change of heart.

Myers was accused by the girls of not supporting or defending them, but says he supports and defends all his students who feel they were treated unjustly.

None of the eight girls appeared happy about the decision and declined to comment.

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