Parents may be wide-eyed looking at school supply lists

Hand sanitizer, band-aids on list from teachers

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Anastasia Chandler has a giant bag of school supplies she's collected for her son to start Kindergarten. She shopped at multiple stores over several days to get what is on his list.

"10 composition books for one kid? He doesn't even have that many subjects?" said Chandler.

Boxes of pencils, crayons and folders, and a few other surprises. The list often looks more like a first aid kit, with hand sanitizer and band-aids on request.

"Band-aids? There should be a first aid kit standard in the classroom," said Chandler. "Some things I think the school district should provide teachers so they don't have to ask the parents."

Even with shopping on the tax free holiday, Chandler still spent more than $200 on supplies for her two sons. She says her family is on a tight budget, but she doesn't want the responsibility to fall mainly on teachers.

"I don't mind helping out because I don't want the teachers to pay for my kids," said Chandler.

She'll have to help her son bring the supplies to class, he can barely lift the bag on his own.

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