Palm Beach County teachers attend technology conference at Santaluces High School

The wish list got a bit longer today after palm beach county school teachers got an up close look at the latest  tech teaching tools. We went along to see what's on the drawing ... Make that blackboard!

Palm beach county math teacher John Holman came looking for new ideas at the digital technology conference at Santaluces High School today.

"Basically to be teched out, i like tech so i'm hoping to see some of the stuff so i can take back to the school," said Holman.

He studied the equipment offered by 300 exhibitors.

" A interactive smartboard for half the price," he said.

Holman joined more than 2000 teachers  and principals at the conference testing the latest gadgets  designed to keep their students engaged and excited about learning

"What we're trying to do is ultimately is blend instruction with traditional and technology so the class can be engaged in hands on activities that would be facilitated through technology and a interactive white board," said Exhibitor Scott Kubi.

For principals and teachers  this was a day to look at the latest technology advancements for schools and make their wish lists of what they'd like for their schools.

"Overall the experience today the tech conference has been great, I've seen alot of things that would be useful," said Holman.

A spokesman for the palm beach county school district said once all the school's submit their requests, the district will make a decision on what to purchase.  In tight budget times..that, as always, will mean tough choices.


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