Only On 5: Witness in deputy-involved shooting speaks, claims PBSO deputy shot unarmed man

Witness heard six shots, saw single wound to chest

The day Michael Camberdella, 18, was shot and killed by Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy William Goldstein, a witness who lives in the neighborhood claims she did not see anything in Camberdella's hands when he was shot dead.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told reporters hours after the October 4 shooting that Deputy Goldstein was responding to the Verona Lakes home after dispatch received at least three 911 calls about a disturbance. Bradshaw said upon arrival, Goldstein was approached by Camberdella, who he claimed , was armed with a hammer and hedge shears.

Investigators said Camberdella refused to back down and threatened the life of the deputy
who was forced to shoot Camberdella.
Speaking through her lawyer, Spencer Kuvin, the witness claims Camberdella should not have been shot dead from the scene she witnessed.

"For anyone to witness a killing of any kind, whether justified or not justified, it's an extremely stressful situation," said Kuvin.
Kuvin said his client was inside her garage when she heard two shots. When she walked outside, she said she saw the back of the deputy who was facing Camberdella.
Kuvin said his client did not hear any yelling or words but noticed the deputy had raised his gun. Moments later, the witness claims the deputy fired four shots as Camberdella stood there with nothing in his hands.
"It's unfortunate in any circumstance where an individual is shot where that person has nothing in their hands. And that's a situation that probably shouldn't have occurred or gone down the way it did," said Kuvin.

The witness told Kuvin she ran to Camberdella and saw a single bullet wound to his chest. When doing so, she noticed a rubber mallet and hedge shears, but said they were well out of reach, at least 20-feet away.
"She has no idea occurred before the first two shots or during the first two shots. She was not there and did not see that," said Kuvin.
Kuvin said his client did see Deputy Goldstein administer help, who also appeared very calm. The witness told Kuvin she then walked away wondering why her unarmed neighbor had been shot.
"I can tell you that my client feels that this likely should have came out a different way and should not have resulted in the death of a young man," said Kuvin.

When reached for comment, a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office spokesperson said the investigation is ongoing and could not answer questions.

PBSO has not commented or released any new information since the day of the October 4 shooting.
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