Grandmother caught in crash, gunfire speaks out about deadly shooting

Woman in mourning has another brush with violence

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - On her way home from dropping off her grandchildren Tuesday, Mamie Norfus found herself in the middle of a gunfight.

"I don't know how many but I did hear the gunshots and then I saw police shooting at the car. My heart was beating so fast," says Norfus.

52-year-old Calvin Wallace slammed into the 2005 Lexus Norfus was driving at the corner of NE 9th Avenue and Railroad Avenue late Tuesday afternoon. Police say he was on the run from an armed robbery in Delray Beach, and started shooting at police after the crash. Police shot Wallace dead.

"I had my seatbelt on and the airbag, I couldn't even move," says Norfus.

Of all the people to end up in the crossfire, fate chose someone all too familiar with trauma. Just three months ago gunfire ripped the Norfus family apart. Norfus's two daughters Daphne Clemons and Janice Rahming were shot to death inside their Boynton Beach home. The gunman are still on the loose.

It's a tragedy Norfus still struggles with.

"I go to the cemetery every day and the first thing that hit my mind was, I can't go visit my daughters because I don't have a car anymore," says Norfus.

Mourning their deaths hasn't been easy, and another brush with violence weighs on the 75-year-old woman. But she's strong, and is thankful to have walked away with just a few bruises.

"I'm glad they stopped him, but I'm sorry he had to lose his life," says Norfus.

Officer Eric Reynolds and Officer Chris Munro were the two policemen who killed Wallace. Investigators say Officer Reynolds suffered a gunshot to his foot in the shooting, he's expected to recover fully.

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