Nighttime heat is on in South Florida

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - What a difference a week makes.

Last week, non-stop, exhausting rain. This week, heat late into the night.

Without clouds to help to block the rays, sunset workouts felt like steam baths.

"For this time of day, what is it, after seven o'clock, I've got sweat running down me," said Les Grene of Delray Beach.

Water was valuable. And beaches.

They were filled.

Late into the night, beachgoers were doing just about nothing in particular.

"It's great," said Kurt Blohm, who was visiting from Texas. "I was just throwing the football. I was literally, I found this football, and I was throwing it in and trying to get it to return exactly to my feet."

There's also a favorite food in steamy weather like this.

Sidewalks in front of Delray ice cream parlors were jammed, even on a Monday night in what is usually the slower season.

"Compared to a normal day, probably an extra couple hundred bucks," said Matt Trenk, a server at Doc's on Swinton Ave.

Though ice cream is refreshing, it does have its limits.

"It melts too fast!" said Jessie Conte of Boynton Beach.

Others took preventative measures.

Howard Alstein who was visiting from Baltimore, was out for a beachfront walk wearing quite the getup, long pants and shots.

It was too much of a getup for this kind of heat.

"I'm from Baltimore. I didn't even bring shorts," said Alstein. "I'm stupid. I'm sorry."

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