Mobile home owners covered by Citizens Property Insurance notified coverage could be in jeopady

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Elsie Jackelone has put thousands of dollars into renovating her mobile home in Jamaica Bay.

Built in the 80's, an appraiser told her her home is more than $100,000.00 dollars.

But Citizens Property Insurance will insure her for less than half of that.

"They did not go by the appraisers evaluation. I don't know, they just took it by the year of the original home when it was built," said Jackelone.

A state law requires Citizens Property Insurance to treat mobile homes as if they're automobiles.

Like cars, the homes depreciate over time. That means owners are paid for actual cash value and not the replacement value.

Many mobile homeowners in the area, like Jackelone, are getting an average of only $40,000.000 dollars of coverage For example, that would be almost like living in a $40,000.00 dollar Audi SUV.

In a Skype interview, Citizens Property Insurance rep, Michael Peltier said mobile homes just don't appreciate in value.

“Mobile home owners in particular, there are very few options for them," said Peltier. "We are trying as hard as we can to make those rates as affordable as possible while taking care of our responsibility to all our policy holders.”

Jackolene hopes Citizens will take of the 120,000 Floridians that could be affected by these changes and hopefully one day see the value in her home.

Jackelone said, “At least gone by the appraisers figures and all the paperwork, he sent to them.”

Peltier added that insurers should contact their agent to forward any proof of upgrades to the company, so they can calculate the information into the policy.