Mayors asking school board to bring metal detectors to all PBC schools

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Right now, there aren't metal detectors at any schools in Palm Beach County.

The mayor of Mangonia Park, Riviera Beach, and Boynton Beach said that needs to change.

Their newest idea is to bring metal detectors into all 187 schools in the Palm Beach County School District.

"We need to do something. We can't just sit back and sweep this under the rug," Boynton Beach Mayor Woodrow Hay said.

Boynton Beach Mayor Woodrow Hay is one of the mayors pushing the idea.

Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters started the push for metal detectors online and so far more than 140 have signed the petition.

"(Mayor Masters) has reached out to other mayors like the one from Mangonia Park and North Palm Beach so it's slowly growing," Hay said.

Bringing one metal detector to each school is all they have outlined in the plan.

They didn't know how much it'd cost, who they'd use to install the machines or where the money could be found by the Palm Beach County School Board.

"I know the cost has to be horrendous, but what price do you put on a child's life," Hay said.

Newtown's tragedy sparked the idea but Mayor Hay admits, metal detectors wouldn't have stopped the shooter from getting into Sandy Hook Elementary.

He's hoping tomorrow's meeting with the school board will start the discussion on what could stop a future tragedy.

" Maybe we put in more cameras around the schools and you may even have to hire a full time person to monitor these cameras," he added. "Whatever it takes."

Finding out whatever it takes is turning out to be easier said than done.

The Palm Beach County School Board spokesperson said they don't know how much it would cost to install metal detectors either.

He says the mayors are just presenting it to the school board.

There won't be a vote, just a discussion.

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