Katelyn Cucinotta: Local Surfers use #Take4Florida to clean Florida beaches

Katelyn Cucinotta spends most of her mornings surfing at Boynton Inlet Park.
"It grounds me, brings me back, I can get away from everything," said Cucinotta.
But she can't get away from the litter she says she surfs over every day. 
"I see plastic bags, plastic forks, bottle caps, and lots of trash," said Cucinotta.
So one day last week she decided to pick up trash along the beach, snap a photo, and post it on Instagram.
Minutes later, she was receiving praise from surfers all over the state.
"I ran with it and I was surprised, some were friends of mine, and then I saw their friends posting and commenting saying how they would spread the message out," said Cucinotta.
#Take4Florida is the name of the movement. And it"s been building momentum since last week.
"It's so simple, pick up four things, that's all you have to do, and with the amount of tourist and beaches that can have a huge impact on the beaches," said Chelsea Erwin.
And with more than 50 photos, and 700 followers, Katelyn is hopping more beachgoers hop on the wave, and spread the message.
"If I don't pick it up, the sea turtle won't pick it up, and if we don't do something, it's just going to end up in the ocean and it will get worse and worse, so every little bit does count," said Cucinotta.