Local athletes construct two homes in Boynton Beach, help out Habitat for Humanity

Tydarius Floyd is a running back for the Boynton Beach high school tigers.
"I'm usually running back and forth, sideline to sideline, things like that," said Floyd.
But Tuesday, he was working under a different type of game plan.
"It's very hands on, its simple, they tell you to do it, put this there and there," said Floyd.
Along with 30 other athletes from his high school, Floyd spent the day "Playing it forward" at Ocean Breeze West, a small community of homes built by Habitat for Humanity.
Sweating hard, the students didn't let the heat slow them down as they worked on constructing two houses.
"Their volunteer service to the community, is making a huge difference to not only neighborhood, family, but to the entire community," said Mike Campbell.
Using a formula based on the hours they volunteer and the GPA of each of the students, the school's athletic program could receive up to 15,000 dollars from the Boynton Beach Police Department.
While the money will help the sports program, the work  is having  an impact on the players.
"It gives me a self satisfaction on the inside, it's a self-gratifying thing knowing you are doing something good," said Floyd.