Little League coaches use A-Rod as example of what NOT to do

Kids respond to drug use in MLB

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - East Boynton Beach Little League players are thinking about much more than strikes and outs these days. Questions are popping up as another major league player is punished for using performance enhancing drugs.

Alex Rodriguez along with about one dozen other players were suspended Monday. Local coaches are fielding questions about it head on.

"You guys are going to have to make these decisions. Do you stay a clean player, do you work hard and do the best with the skills you have or take the short road and cheat?" asks Coach John Orrico, speaking to five of his players.

Coach Orrico says A-Rod comes up in daily conversation, and he welcomes it as an opportunity to mold his players. He points them to who is doing it right.

"Think about who you want to be like, like Derek Jeter, that is a player you want to be," said Orrico.

The pep talks seem to be working.

"If you work hard on the field, people will remember you for that, not for using drugs," said AJ Pezzo.

Orrico inspires his team to be role models for the younger 8 and 12 year olds on the field. He says that reminds the players they're been looked up to right now, so choose the right path.

"What you get out of the game is what you put in. Don't take shortcuts because it will follow you for the rest of your life," said Orrico.

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