Junior Honor Society kids help make a difference

Some 8th grade students are not ordinary 8th graders. They are the best and brightest of Christa McAuliffe Middle School.

They hit the beach Friday, not to soak in the sun and surf,  but to make a difference.

Maxwell Ackerman is the vice president of the National Junior Honor Society at Christa McAuliffe.

"We just pick up garbage off the beach to save animals because they can think it's the food, so we save lives of the animals as well as keep our natural beaches beautiful, " said Maxwell.

The NJHS members clean the beach in Boynton every month.

Raking seaweed and cleaning up trash, the kids work hard.

Natalie Pawlowski is the President of NJHS. "NJHS adopted Gulfstream Beach Park about three years ago, that's when the beach clean-ups originally started.  Since then they have been growing," she said.

Their commitment to the local community goes farther than the beach.

"The service that they provide to the community actually is a great character builder, so they understand that by giving back to the community, they are in a sense growing themselves. They're really proud of what they do, they really are."  Says their teacher, Jaime Worrall

Katia Schettini, also in the honor society says, "We've had a couple people come up to us and say thank you for keeping our beaches clean, it helps us feel like we're actually making a difference in our community."

From mentoring their school's new 6th graders, to providing community service like beach clean-ups, these future leaders are already thinking about growing their enthusiasm on a larger scale.

Ackerman says, "It would be just wonderful if the whole state to do something to make sure our beaches and coral reefs can be perfect and just have our natural Florida for the future generations to come"


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