I-95 billboard warning drivers about leaving dogs in hot cars

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - The Boynton Beach Police Department posted a billboard on the side of I-95 this week sending out a message about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars as they continue to receive daily complaints about the problem. 

Stephanie Slater, Public Information Officer at Boynton Beach Police Department, said leaving any animal unattended in a vehicle is a violation of Palm Beach County ordinance and if caught you could receive a citation.

“They think that by rolling down the windows that’s OK,” said Slater.  “It’s not.”

The billboard, just north of the Gateway Blvd exit, is a welcome sign for veterinarian Dr. Susan Baker. She sees dogs that have been left in cars come into her clinic too often.

“It's kind of like putting a turkey in the oven, it's going to cook,” said Baker. “They think I'm just going to run into the store and grab a loaf of bread and come right back out, but the minute ordeal turns into an hour ordeal.”

Baker said unfortunately by the time the animal gets to her it is usually too late.

“Most of the time they're already dead by the time somebody finds them,” said Baker. “It's very sad.”

“If it gets people talking then maybe it changes one person's mindset and we save one dog,” said Slater.

This ‘hot dog’ campaign is a continuation of a social media question and answer session the Boynton Beach Police Department held at the beginning of July. 

If you see a dog or animal locked inside a car in the city call the Boynton Beach Police Department at 561-742-6100.

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