Help for Sandy Hook victims' families

Slainte food & drink sales to support families

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Across the country, people are looking for ways to comfort the families of the victims in the Connecticut tragedy.

A Boynton Beach business found a unique way to help. What was planned to be a re-launch of the restaurant along Gateway Boulevard, has now become something more than making a profit.

Owner Francis Feeney, says after Friday's mass shooting his priorities changed.

"It certainly hit home to the heart of every parent in America. My wife and I were personally affected by it, it's so tragic and really spoke to what's important to us," says Feeney.

The profits from all food and drink sold will go toward the United Way fund for victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Jennifer Lopez frequents Slainte for breakfast. With two children in grade school, she understands the heartache in Sandy Hook.

"It's hard to think about all those families, so for this restaurant to do this is great. To give anything at all is a great feeling," says Lopez.

Donation jars are also setup around the bar.

"We were thinking of it as an embrace across America for the families who have been devastated. It's therapeutic to get involved to do something," says Feeney.

Feeney hopes to collect thousands of dollars, and lift the spirits of those in pain even if just for a moment.

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