Governor Rick Scott suspends Boynton Mayor Jose Rodriguez

City Commission will vote to fill vacant position

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Governor Rick Scott has suspended Boynton Bach Mayor Jose Rodriguez. Rodriguez turned himself into the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Thursday, he's accused of abusing his power to interrupt a criminal investigation against him.

NewsChannel 5 obtained the police report that the child abuse allegations stem from. It alleges Rodriguez hit his stepdaughter and made a sexual comment toward her. Rodriguez's estranged wife filed the report.

David Floering, a longtime Boynton Beach resident and critic of Rodriguez, got the report last year. At the time he was looking into Rodriguez's background, and wanted a copy of the videotape with Rodriguez's estranged wife.

"The other investigation I didn't know about. It didn't come to be until after I demanded to see the tape. If I hadn't demanded to see it,  I don't think there would've been a (criminal) investigation," says Floering.

The State Attorney's Office claims Rodriguez bullied the police chief and other city leaders to drop the child abuse investigation against him. He allegedly also threatened the Interim City Manager.

"It just goes on to prove that he abuses his power," says Floering.

Mayor Rodriguez didn't respond to attempts to contact him.

Now that Rodriguez has been suspended, city commissioners will vote to decide who will replace him. That will likely happen at their next meeting scheduled for February 7th.

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