Foreclosed homes being taken off the market by a non-profit, then fixed up and sold

Community Land Trust of Palm Beach County

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Bobby Devore has always wanted to own a home.

Difficulty landing a loan has left the single father of two searching for much longer than he would like.

And moving from place to place makes it hard on his youngest son. "Especially with my son, he's blind, he needs to be in one home that he's familiar with."

That's why Devore is interested in what the Community Land Trust of Palm Beach Count has to offer.

The non-profit organization buys foreclosed homes with federal stimulus money, fixes them, and sells them at cost.

It makes home ownership more of a possibility for fist time buyers on a budget.

 "The housing market is a challenge for first time home buyers and we get these homes at a great price, we use subsidies to fix them up and make them available to families," said Cindy Lacourse-Blum with the Community Land Trust of Palm Beach County.

 What helps keep the homes affordable for buyers is that the land isn't part of the purchase. The non-profit still owns the property, but most homebuyers don't really mind.

Right now 13 homes are being fixed across the county.

One of them was infested with asbestos and is being brought up to code.

Getting a home that doesn't need repair is exactly what Devore is looking for. "Sounds good. If I can get that, I'd like to do that."

He says many of the homes he's looked at recently need so much work that they're no longer affordable.

If this program can take care of him, then he can take care of his family.

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