Faith Farm Ministries asking for help from the community, needs new bridge

A local church group that helps members of the community struggling with addiction is now seeking help.

Faith Farm Ministries has three locations, including one in Boynton Beach. That location has a thrift shop that helps generate more than sixty percent of the agency's revenue, according to project manager Judy Walters.

The church group helps hundreds of people struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. It provides a free, nine month recovery program.

The Boynton location has been there for more than forty years. Out front is a bridge in desperate need of repair.

According to Walters, the bridge has been condemned since November of last year.

She says the bridge is sinking into the ground due to traffic and deterioration felt over the years.

When it was first built more than forty years ago, it cost about $3,400 to complete.

Today, the church group needs more than one million dollars to demolish the old bridge and build a new one.

"It is a major need. We can't operate without it. The thrift store provides about 60% of our revenues for the programs," Walters tells us.

Right now, only vehicles with two axles are able to cross the bridge onto the property. But the agency frequently uses semi-trucks to move in and out furniture sold in the thrift store.

This has created a time consuming hassle for delivery truck drivers.

"It's double handling the merchandise for the store. They have to move it from the semi to one of our trucks and bring it into the dock, which is several times handling the merchandise as opposed to one," Walters says.

So far, she tells us the ministry has raised about $90,000 through fundraising and donations. But the group still needs more to pay for the 1.4 million dollar project.

This is the first time the church group has ever done fundraising, according to Walters.

Right now, crutch bents have been placed under the bridge to help support it.

If you'd like to help out, visit Faith Farm's website at .

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