Elderly couple says burglar conned his way into their Boynton Beach home

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - An elderly Boynton Beach couple says they were conned and tricked into letter a burglar right into their home.

83 year old Larry Rogers and his 91 year old wife Shirley say they had flooring installed.

On Wednesday, they say a man in a pickup truck claiming to be from the flooring company knocked on their door and asked to come inside and make sure the flooring was installed correctly.

"He came in, he kneeled down, and he said I'm going to fix this for you but can you get me some newspaper," Larry Rogers said.

While Rogers was getting the newspaper he says the burglar took his wife's jewelry out of a bedroom.

"He grabbed the stuff, put it in his pocket, and he was gone," Rogers said.

Shirley Rogers was in the living room and noticed her jewelry was missing about an hour later.

"I have heard of this before and I should have known better. But he had such a good story," Shirley Rogers said.

The couple suspects the burglar may have seen work trucks outside their home and returned the next day as part of his scam.

Boynton Beach Police are investigating and urge people to be careful.

"If you don't know exactly who a person is, don't let them in your home. The best thing you can do is ask them to wait outside and call the company to make sure the person is legitimate," Stephanie Slater with Boynton Beach Police said.

The investigation is ongoing. If you have any information, contact Boynton Beach Police at 561-732-8116.