Dive boat captains are frustrated with the forecast

Another cold front puts scuba trips on hold

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Dive boat captain Craig Smart is spending more time on land than he would like.

"I had a group coming down from Orlando to dive Monday, and they bailed," said Smart.

That makes 10 days in a row he has gone without business.

"We missed the last two weekends, plus the week in between.  That's too long," said Smart.

The forecast is calling for rough seas again Wednesday and Thursday. Divers say customers are too quick the cancel.

Choppy seas won't put Smart out of business, but every day he's in the shop and not on the water hurts him financially.

"I had $4,000 taken out of my pocket this weekend. There are operators carrying twice what I do, so think about what they lost," said Smart.

This is the time of year the diving business starts to slow down. Craig says that is all the more reason why it's important to squeeze in all the trips he can.

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