DEA agents round up prescription drug suspects in Palm Beach County sweep

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- DEA agents arrested dozens of people during a prescription pill roundup and more suspects could find themselves behind bars before the day is over.

They are being taken to Intracoastal Park in Boynton Beach where they are being processed and then transported to jail.

So far federal agents say they've arrested 15 men and women, who are suspected of being involved with prescription pill drug abuse.
Agents say the arrests stem from a year-long investigation.  They say 45 people are involved in the scheme and they're hoping to get at least 30 or more off the street today.

Agents say the suspects have been fraudulently obtaining Percocet and Oxycodone prescriptions, getting them filled at pharmacies in and outside of the state, and selling them on the street.

Agents were tipped off when a pharmacist in Palm Beach County detected something unusual and called the Pill Mill Tip Line.

 Agents say the pills would sell between 20 to 30 dollars each and there's at least 180 to a bottle.
4 of the people arrested, agents say, we're the sponsors and oversaw the operation.

Special Agent Mark Trouville says these 'sponsors' were walking away with at least $3,000 a deal. "They're the people that had the connection into the office and then they would recruit other people from the neighborhood, pay them a fee to use their identification, use them to fill the prescription at different pharmacies around the state and outside the state. And then once the prescription was filled, they would be paid and then take the pills and sell them on the street."

Agent Trouville said some of the people they're looking for may already be in jail on different charges.
As for the rest, they're being charged with trafficking and obtaining a controlled substance fraudulently. They're looking at 15 to 20 years in jail if convicted.
The investigation is ongoing and agents say they plan to make more arrests in the near future.





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