Walter Mkono suspected of driving over five times the legal limit, Boynton Beach police say

Man passes out behind wheel, BAC of .418

A man found passed out behind the wheel of a car faces DUI charges and police say his blood alcohol was five times greater than the legal limit.

Police say they found 34-year-old Walter Mkono at South Federal Highway and East Woolbright Road in Boynton Beach Wednesday afternoon behind the wheel of a white Ford Focus.  

According the the responding officer, the vehicle was in drive and still running with keys in the ignition and the driver's right foot on the brake pedal. The officer says he knocked on the window to get the man's attention but was unsuccessful. 

The Boynton Beach Fire Department came and smashed out the front right passenger window. Police say they removed the keys from the ignition and began questioning Mkono. 

Mkono responded, "I'm fine, I just had too much to drink," according to a probable cause affidavit. Police say Mkono admitted to drinking several beers and taking several shots before driving.

Police say he was unable to pass several sobriety tests, even though he believed he could, and admitted it was his second DUI.

About 90 minutes later, at the police station, Mkono agreed to a breath test. Police say he registered a .418 and a .408; over five times the legal .08 driving limit.

Due to his high level of intoxication police took Mkono to Bethesda Hospital.

He's being charged with on count of driving under the influence.

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