Cold snap prompts some homeowners to check heaters

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -  A pot of chili is rarely on the stove at John Jolley's house. But the chill in the forecast overnight convinced him to try a new recipe.

"You know, pile the blankets on, turn the heat on - let's go!" said Jolley.

John didn't want to wait until Monday night or Tuesday to make sure his heat works at his suburban Boynton Beach home. So, he called his technician.

"I'm not having any problems, but I wanted to get it checked because it's going to get cold," said Jolley.

If you wait until Tuesday to find out your heater doesn't work, you may have to get in line for a fix. Heating and cooling companies typically get hundreds of calls for service after a cold blast of air.

"It's all hands on deck. Everyone we can beg borrow and steal we get to work to service people quickly," says Chuck Walter, with Climate Control Services.

Walker suggests you find out as soon as possible if your heat is working. If you can't get a technician out Monday night, call and get on the schedule for Tuesday.

"If that outside temperature is less than 47 degrees and you haven't turned your heat on and it gets below 68 in your house, it might not catch up all day," said Walker.

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