Closure of Boynton Beach animal shelter puts strain on Palm Beach County resources

Only a handful of officers to serve entire county

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - It was the last of it's kind in Palm Beach County. The City of Boynton Beach just closed it's animal shelter, meaning Palm Beach County's Animal Care and Control is the only one picking up stray animals.  

That puts an added strain on a county department that's already stretched thin. There are only seven animal control officers during the day and two at night to serve the entire county.

"We do the best we can with what we have, but when you add workload to those guys it has an impact. And that impact will be slower response times," says Captain Dave Walesky at Palm Beach County Care and Control.

Thousands of stray animals have a chance for an adopted home because they're picked up by animal control. But those roaming the streets of Boynton Beach may be left to roam. 

"They cause traffic hazards, they can start to form packs and become a threat as they lose socialization," says Capt. Walesky.

Animal-related emergencies will still be a priority, such as an attack or cruelty complaint. But picking up strays is no longer a priority.


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