Cinemark Theater Boynton Beach Mall bomb hoax arrest made

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- The Cinemark Theater 14 at the Boynton Beach Mall was evacuated Sunday night after police said someone threatened to blow up the building.

Investigators said someone wrote the threat on a ticket stub and then handed it to a movie theater employee. Police said the employee notified an officer who then called in for more officers.

"It was frightening, yeah it was frightening," said Arthur Hyman, who was inside the theater during the evacuation. "When we came out, there must have been every police car in Boynton Beach."

Hyman said he was watching "007: Skyfall" with his son when the movie all of a sudden stopped.

Monday Boynton Beach police announced the arrest of a 17-year-old ticket taker.

Police say she claimed that an unknown male handed a receipt that read: "I have a bomb and 5 gun on me plan 1) kill everyone and me."

After searching the theater with police dogs for hours, investigators found nothing.

While investigating the incident police reviewed surveillance footage to identify the unknown male. They couldn't make a connection and began to suspect the ticket taker. Monday they asked the employee to come to the police station where they say the worker confessed to writing the note indicating there was a bomb.

The teen has been charged with a threat to discharge a destructive device and has been taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

Jeff Skrzypek contributed to this report

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