Christa McAuliffe Middle School student says a sweatshirt she wore to class violated dress code

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Just days after her graduation Melissa McCormick watched as her now 19-year-old daughter Jessie shipped off to join the Navy.

Jessie's little sister, 12-year-old Emily, was left without her mentor.

"Her sister is not here to do her hair. She's not here to take pictures with her, go trick or treating. Any of those things. So it gets very emotional for her," Melissa said.

That's why she says Emily wears a sweatshirt that proclaims "proud Navy corpsman sister."

"That's a piece of her sister with her," Emily’s mom said.   

Emily says she was told she wasn't allowed to wear the sweatshirt on her first day at Christa McAuliffe Middle School.

"She had tears in her eyes and I was like 'Why?’ Well, due to the writing on the shirt. I'm like ‘what?’ "

McCormick says her daughter was told this sweatshirt violates dress code. "If it was something that had a gun on it, something that was offensive. Absolutely."

But according to the 2014-2015 dress code she has -- McCormick says logos are 'OK' -- just not plaid, stripes, animal prints and any inappropriate pictures, word or slogans.

She says the restrictions don’t apply to her daughter’s sweatshirt.

"I think it's ridiculous. I think there are bigger issue in the school system based on what sweatshirt a child is wearing," she said.

McCormick says if the sweatshirt does in fact violate dress code and she can see where it clearly states that, then she's not going to let her daughter wear it to school anymore.  But as far as she can read, she doesn't believe her daughter did anything wrong.

The school district says that the school’s dress code regulates the size of the graphic on a student’s clothing, be it Nike, Navy or something else, and that is why the student was asked to not wear it. The district says the school’s principal has reached out to the family.