Christ Fellowship Church at the mall

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - "I'm like oh my gosh, what is that?" Janet Campbell and her husband can't believe their eyes. Tucked away in the back of the Boynton Beach Mall now sits the Christ Fellowship Church.

"It's strange, very strange," Janet said.

The church bought the building two years ago and will fit about 1,000 parishioners. Pastor Todd Mullins wouldn't exactly call the location strange.

"Our churches have always ended up in unusual buildings. Our first location was in an old barn in Palm Beach Gardens that we converted and then we took an old Target store in Royal Palm Beach and converted that into a church," said Pastor Todd.

The finishing touches inside the building are wrapping up just in time for Easter services.

"We've already seen people coming by in the middle of the day we've been getting ready to open up the doors and they've been saying what is this, and we say it's church, it's church in the mall, " said Pastor Todd.

The church also added a coffee shop at the mall location. Profits will help low income families.

"We took the main entrance that used to be for Dillard's and instead of making it part of the church, we turned it towards the mall and made that a coffee store that will be opening up this week as well," he said.

The grand opening for Christ Fellowship in Boynton Beach will be Friday night, at seven o'clock for the Good Friday service.

There will also be Easter services this weekend.