Car surfing victim Hannah Huntoon speaks on safety

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- It was not an easy confession to make, especially not in front of this audience. 

"On April 26, I made a big mistake by car surfing," said Hannah Huntoon, a Palm Beach Gardens junior.

Huntoon spoke at the annual "Staying Alive on 95 and Florida's Roadways Event in Boynton Beach" in front of an audience of  officers, deputies and state troopers.

"I had never heard of car surfing before, and I thought it would be fun. But the girl driving ran a stop sign on the turn, and I was thrown off the car," said Huntoon .

After the fall in late April, Huntoon was in a coma for three weeks.

"There should be stricter penalties for people who allow kids to choose to car surf or stunt car drive," Hannah said to the crowd. 

She vows to advocate for safe driving.

"Make smart decisions, don't car surf, sit in the car with your seatbelt, and drivers need to stop the car if they're driving and people want to make stupid decisions like I did," Huntoon instructed. 

Her mom says promoting safety on the roads is her own life mission. 

"I made a promise to God that if Hannah was okay, she would be a disciple of His, and we would do right by this and teach and educate," said Constance Huntoon. 

Huntoon has a long road to recovery. She's still missing parts of her skull and has months of therapy to endure. 

And as for the energy to help get the message out? She says she's got that. 

"I just want to save lives. I just want kids to be careful," said Huntoon. 

She plans to get parts of her skull replaced next month. In the meantime, she wears a helmet to protect her head. 
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