Israel Negron: Boynton man rushed to hospital on the morning of his eviction

Property manager pushes to change locks on home

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Residents in a Boynton Beach mobile home park are fighting to keep their neighbor in his home. The property manager is evicting 80 year old Israel Negron for violating community rules. 

Negron went to the hospital Monday morning complaining of chest pains from the stress. He says he feels helpless.

"I worry about it, and I worry that my condition will get worse," said Negron, from his hospital bed. "I have no place to go, not place to go, I have no family."

His neighbors are his family. They rushed to move some of his things out of his housing, fearing his locks would be changed. 

Negron says he's being bullied by the Royal Manor Estates property management. He admits he's violated three rules: Having a vegetable garden, storing furniture in his carport and putting up a mesh fence. 

"For these little infractions they want to take his home and he's got nowhere to go. This is happening to many many seniors," said Nancy Kowalski.

Two other neighbors say they're facing eviction.

"I'm being evicted because my grandson wasn't allowed to go to the clubhouse and use the facilities," said Janet Edwards.

"They are trivial things, a rip in your screen or something. It went unattended on my part, maybe I let it go too long, but nothing to the point of eviction," said Calvin Dever.

Attorneys for the property manager didn't respond to our requests for comment. Neighbors continue to plea to let Negron and others stay. 

"I said sir, never the less it's done, is it worth causing a man to be in the street homeless cause he has no where to go, so you can have the upper word?" Barbara Abel.

An emergency motion to keep Negron in his home was denied Monday by a judge. 

Negron's attorney is looking into any other options to keep him at his home. 


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