Boynton leaders consider harsher penalties for illegally selling cars along roads

Proposal would allow city to tow cars right away


Cars for sale dot parking lots and empty lots all over Boynton Beach.

"Now that I know what's going on, I see a lot more," admitted Boynton Beach City Commissioner David Merker.

It's called "curbstoning" and Merker says people are making a living doing it.

"He doesn't have a permit, he's not renting a piece of property, and he's saying, 'Hey this is an easy way to make a buck,'" explained Merker.

But if you sell more than three cars in one year in Boynton Beach, you need a permit and a place of business, you have to pay sales and property taxes. 

"We're not here to hurt people, or businesses, but we're here to say you need to play by the rules, too," said Merker.

Tuesday night, city leaders will discuss implementing a state rule which allows the city to immediately tow an illegally parked car with a for sale sign, instead of going through a long, tedious notification process.

The proposal would also allow the city to fine the car's owner if the car is on public property or private property which belongs to someone else. 

"The person who's doing it knows he or she is not going by the rules, so it's not like they're being blindsided," Merker pointed out.

The current and proposed rules allow you to display your car with a for sale sign in your driveway. 

Commissioners will only discuss the issue at Tuesday's meeting. It will come back to the board a second time before it takes effect. 

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