Boynton inlet jetty covered in debris, closed

Lifeguards uncover dangerous debris on beach

MANALAPAN, Fla. - Hurricane Sandy is long gone from Florida, but powerful waves still rip away at our shores. Beaches in Boca Raton remain closed at high tide. Waves crash into lifeguard stands and collect debris to leave behind somewhere else.

"It's wild, it's absolutely wild. We've seen a sewer pipe floating around and even beach chairs," says David Pillssof.
In Boynton Beach, lifeguards try to clear out the mess so people can get down to the beach. You don't want to step on what they're uncovering out there.
"We had a bunch of wood with nails by the stairs here, so we take care of that," says Dylan Owens, with Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue.
It may be a few days before the larger debris is cleaned up, crews may have to bring in machinery. In the meantime, people are being told to stay out of the water.

"You could be the best swimmer in the world, but you get hit in the head with a piece of wood and get knocked out. Even walking on the surf you could get broken bones it's really heavy stuff out there," says Boca Raton lifeguard Kevin Jones.
As for the beaches that are open, people are scouring for treasure.
"I've seen people with metal detectors, so there may be something valuable out there, anything is possible," says Pillssof.
No word on when the jetty at the Boynton Inlet might re-open.
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