Boynton Beach restaurant owner wants to find the young men he says is "ruining his property"

Police investigating surveillance video

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - 12 years in the restaurant business Kevin Scully still get surprised, and it's not always good. Wednesday morning he arrived to find someone messed with his front porch - again.

"I noticed my lamps were broken, the globes, it looked like someone had taken a baseball bat to them," said Scully, owner of Scully's Restaurant in Boynton Beach. "I noticed my plants were all beaten down, and broken. There was scratched paint all over the place, I'm scratching my head going what's going on."

That's when Scully turned to his surveillance cameras for an answer, and he didn't like what he found.

Caught on tape, a handful of skate boarders riding up and down his porch at night. 

"They go way over there to get a running start and use this as their skateboarding device," said Scully.

Scully says they hit their heads on the light, their boards strip the paint off the handrails and they fall into the plants. 

"It drives me crazy! It's hard enough running a business that is organized chaos anyway, then I have to protect myself from these kids who don't understand what other people's property is," said Scully.

Scully says Tuesday night's ride was the fourth one in two months. Boynton Beach police are investigating, but no arrests have been made.

Whether it is malicious or not, Scully says if he finds these guys, an apology won't do. 

"They're young adults who don't get it. And maybe a couple of nights in the slammer at the county jail, maybe they will get it," said Scully.