Boynton Beach police targeting speeders in school zones

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla . - Drivers who travel along Hypoluxo Road need to pay attention to the signs and lights around them.

On Tuesday night, the police department released a post on social media alerting drivers that officers will be outside Freedom Shores Elementary Wednesday, looking for people speeding through the school zone.

This isn't the first time the department has done something like this. Through Facebook, Boynton Beach P.D. has warned drivers again of another so-called "speed trap" located by this school.

According to its social media site, the department issued more than a dozen citations within two days.

The site adds that a school bus driver was ticketed for speeding through the school zone while driving a bus with twenty students on board.

The speed limit at most Florida school zones is 20 miles per hour.

Boynton Beach Police officers say they have "zero tolerance" for anyone going faster than that.

If you get ticketed for speeding through a school zone, it will cost you more than the average speeding ticket.

Citations costs vary from $156 to $606 for those caught speeding through a school zone.

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