Boynton Beach police say a bank teller helped three others take $87,000 from a TD Bank

Police: Scheme involved withdrawals from account

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - A scheme to make fraudulent withdraws from a bank account at a TD Bank ended in several arrests, according to Boynton Beach police.

Investigators say that a teller organized a scheme to tap into a dormant bank account that had not been used in at least 12 months.

Banks officials say that dormant accounts are closed until a deposit is made reopening them.

The teller, according to police, had an accomplice identified as Island Dort make a $200 deposit into the account.

Police say that three people all using the same teller then made withdrawals from the account including Dort and Jessica Cruz Torres on three different occasions.

The third suspect who took money from the account has not yet been charged.

Police say that the three withdrawals from the account occurred on 10/24/2011 for $53,281, on 10/27/2011 for $9,870 and on 11/1/2011 for $24,430.

Police say that Dort and Cruz Torres have been charged with forgery and scheming to defraud the bank.