Boynton Beach Police Marine Unit gets new boat off the sale of property seized in crimes

New boat doesn't cost the city any money

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - The Boynton Beach Police Marine Unit is only two officers strong, but its new ride should make catching criminals much easier.

"We can go out in rougher seas, apprehend more people, be out on the water longer. Our time was be taken up getting stuff fixed," said Officer Gregg Koch.

Officers spent the last 10 years on a 27-foot boat, which wasn't ideal for fighting crime. 

"We've had a few rescues over the last couple years that we couldn't do with the current boat, we had to rely on the Coast Guard," said Ofc . Darin Hederian .

The old boat needed constant maintenance. It would tie us up for three hours, which is a lot in an eight hour shift, we'd be down there fixing wires."

In 2011, Koch and Hederian made the biggest bust of their careers, they found $4 million worth of marijuana hidden on a boat. Two men were arrested . 

On board the new vessel, everything from bow to stern is brand spanking new. They say that should help nab more smugglers. 

It didn't cost the city a dime. Everything is paid through seized assets; cars, boats and drug money taken in crimes. The items were sold at auction to purchase the $145,000 boat.  

"Hence the name "Seized Assets", this didn't cost the citizens of Boynton, this came from the bad guys," said Ofc . Koch.

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