Boynton Beach police dashcam captures shootout with bank robbery suspect

State Attorney's office say shooting was justified


BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Boynton Beach Police have released video of a shootout between two of their officers and a bank robbery suspect.

It happened June 12th and started with a chase on Federal Highway.

Police spotted Calvin Wallace's red Lincoln Town Car after getting word to be on the lookout.

Wallace, 52, crashed and then it appears he opened fire on officers Chris Munro and Eric Reynolds.

Reynolds was shot in the foot.

Wallace later died.

Police say they released the video after a review by the State Attorney's office found the shooting was justified.

We spoke to former Boca Police Chief Andrew Scott, who says the video is not only a perfect training tool for police officers, but a help to the public.

There are often vigorous public debates over whether an officer should have fired.

But with an ironclad witness - the camera - Scott and state attorneys say there shouldn't be a debate in this case about whether officers acted appropriately.

"The public is getting a fair shake because it has that independent third party, eyewitness account that can't be altered," said Scott.


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