Boynton Beach police officers 'live Tweeting' on the job

Using #RideWithBBPD hashtag

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Sometimes, patrolling the streets of Boynton Beach can feel like it is a one man job.

"We're going it alone and it's a tough enough job in itself," said Officer Ron Ryan, who has been with the police department for fourteen years. Officer Ryan has a new tool to connect with his community - and the whole world.

"I've got six new interactions here," said Ryan of his Twitter activity. Officers will be 'live Tweeting' as they do their job using the 'hashtag' #RideWithBBPD. "We're doing this in addition to our duties not in place of our duties. This does not replace patrolling," he said.

On the scene of a medical emergency call, Officer Ryan snapped a photograph after the action took place and then 'Tweeted' the picture out to the department's Twitter followers. "It's something they've never seen before so I think they like seeing it," he said of the interaction he was already seeing in the first few hours of this social media experiment.

"Not everybody can come and ride along with us so they can sit behind a computer and maybe feel like they're riding along with us," he said.

Officers are not 'Tweeting' while they are driving or while they are busy on a call. The department foresees this becoming a daily conversation with the community in the near future.

Boynton Beach Police Department on Twitter : @BBPD

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