Boynton Beach officials warn of new scam that offers 'free water testing' to residents

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - The Boynton Beach City Manager's Office is warning residents of a scam that is targeting Boynton Beach Utilities customers.

According to a media release, Boynton Beach Utilities customers have received phone calls and mail solicitations from people claiming to be city of Boynton Beach employees.

They are offering free water testing with the hope of selling the homeowner a water purification system.

"Callers are not city employees, nor were they hired on behalf of the city of Boynton Beach. In addition, the city did not mail out any information concerning free water testing. The city does not endorse, or recommend, any type of water purification system for home or business use," says Eleanor Krusell of the City Manager's Office.

Anyone with any questions call Boynton Beach Utilities Water Quality Division at 561.742.6964.