Boynton Beach kids help break Guinness World Record for largest swim lesson

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - More than 200 kids gathered at Boynton Beach's Lore and Eric F. Ross JCC to participate in a Guinness World Record swim lesson Tuesday morning.

About 25,000 kids in 48 states and numerous countries across the globe started the world's largest swim lesson at 11 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Andy Broido is the owner of Quality Swimming, Inc. and she said this worldwide effort was about promoting water safety.

Of the hundreds of kids up to 14-years-old who participated, Max Rappaport, 7, and Hunter David, 7, were among the mix.

"Well we did kicking, bobbing," David said. "And just learned how to swim."

Those are the lessons David remembers most. Rappaport has some other memories of the big lesson too.

"We rolled over," Rappaport said. "Did big arms (a stroke exercise) and Superman (another swimming exercise)."

Rappaport really enjoyed the Superman exercise, but beyond those swimming lessons they also did many others such as "the jellyfish" with hundreds of friends at their side.

"It was fun, because we broke a world record," David smiled.

Many of the kids were blown away when they found out there were more than 200 people in the pool with them and that there were about 25,000 people worldwide swimming at the same time they were.

"There's so much water across the world, but especially in Florida that it's important that we push water safety," Broido said.

She said sometimes the safety aspect is forgotten especially when the kids are having fun.

"We try as much as we can to remember," Broido said. "But I notice a lot of them today got the message of water safety and that's what we're talking about today all at once."

Rappaport and others really understand the consequence that comes with water and not knowing how to swim, which is why he's happy they had the event.

Broido said next year they hope to gather even more sites in the area to participate with the worldwide event to break the record again.

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