Boynton Beach jetty closed Tuesday for fishing, observers; Rough seas remind residents of Sandy

Ocean Rescue monitoring waves near jetty

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Tuesday's rough surf is a vivid reminder for Manalapan residents of the damage Hurricane Sandy left behind this time last year.

Louis Navellier knows property damage can be just one storm away. He watched his neighbor's pool go out to sea in Sandy's waves.

"It was coming from the north, spring tides, so it was a freak thing," said Navellier.

Waves hammered the sea wall and tore out part of the backyard. Even Navellier's sea wall was damaged.

"Some concrete fell off so we pulled a permit to put more concrete on," said Navellier.

Now that turtle nesting season is over, Navellier says he is clear to repair the wall.

"If you were gonna get a new sea wall you would have to go up a foot and out," said Navellier.

He says he isn't too concerned about Tuesday's waves. Coming out of hurricane season unscathed is worth a few rough days. (Although the season doesn't officially end until the end of November).

Palm Beach County park rangers closed the jetty at the Boynton Beach Inlet just south of Manalapan.

Powerful waves and water breaking over the jetty forced the closure.

Ocean Rescue is monitoring conditions to decide when to reopen it.

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