Bobcat roams suburban Boynton Beach neighborhood

Animal enthusiasts welcome sight of wild cat

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Amateur photographers Thelma and Manny Myerson purchased a home with a pond out back, on purpose. They figured it would lure wildlife near their home. The couple has various bird photos hung proudly on the wall.

But Monday July 30 turned out to be a sighting unlike any other.
Thelma and Manny had heard about a bobcat roaming the neighborhood on Haviland Circle in The Cascades, but Thelma was about to come face to face with one. Thelma grabbed her camera. She had no fear.
"I didn't want to get too close, not that I feared for myself, but I didn't want to scare it off so that it would retreat," says Thelma.
"It was a good size, good picture, good lighting, we've never been able to photograph it that well," says Manny Myerson.
It stopped to take a good look at Thelma,  then continued on the prowl down the street.
"We were very excited, it made our day, our month, it's a nice consolation for putting up with the hot summer weather in Florida," says Thelma.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission say bobcats have a natural fear of people - so it's no surprise it walked away from Thelma. They're also nocturnal, so it's rare to see one out during the day. That makes this daytime sighting that much more special.
"An opportunity, a lucky moment, I thank my husband for having good eyesight and spotting it. I'm glad I was home to share it together," says Thelma.
The FWC says the bobcat didn't pose any threat to the community. A crew wouldn't be sent to pick it up unless it was aggressive.
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