ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Boynton Beach officers get doused by fire truck

WPTV anchor Roxanne Stein stunned by challenge

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is raising thousands of dollars, and four Boynton Beach police officers joined the fun Tuesday morning.

Four officers with the police department agreed to have a bucket of ice water tossed over their heads, but instead decided to have the local fire department hose them down with a big burst of H2O.

“It was a lot of water.  I was really surprised to see how much water actually came out of that hose,” said one of the firefighter.

Those who take on the challenge also donate $20 to ALS awareness.

Also, watch the video above to see WPTV Anchor Roxanne Stein's reaction when she gets a surprise invite to participate in the challenge.

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