89-year-old man fights to keep his mobile home

Boynton Beach, Fla. - On Friday, an 89-year-old man fought in court on Friday to keep his mobile home in Boynton Beach.

Royal Manor Estates is trying to evict Calvin Devers from his mobile home after lawyers for the property say Devers violated rules put in place to keep the property clean.

But neighbors say property managers threatening eviction is taking it a step too far because the violations are only minor.

Some neighbors even feel like the property managers are purposely harassing them in order to push them out of their homes.

One neighbor even suggested an alternate idea: fines.

"Why don't they just fine the people when they have an infraction? Don't say you broke the rules and we're going to take your home from you now," says Nancy Kowloski-Schmidt, a local resident of the area.

The property manager told the judge he's tried to get Devers to comply with the rules dozens of times prior to the eviction notice.

The judge is expected to rule on the possible eviction in 10 days.

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