3rd Boynton Beach police officer arrested this week

Alleged filed reports with misleading information

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - For the third time in three days, a Boynton Beach police officer has been charged with breaking the law.

Friday, state prosecutors charged Officer Alex Lindsey with official misconduct.

In November of 2010, department documents show that Lindsey was verbally disciplined for not following procedure when he accidentally allowed a suspect into jail with marijuana in her shoe.

A month later, prosecutors say he lied about making a similar mistake.

"I can't look into their hearts to know why they would do something like that," said Chief Matt Immler.

On a police report detailing the arrest of a drug suspect, Lindsey allegedly wrote that he found a gun on the suspect before bringing him to jail.

But prosecutors say they saw video of Lindsey removing the gun from the suspect's pants inside the jail's booking area.

"It's one thing that the officer had come to us to and told us. Perhaps we wouldn't be having this press conference. It's another thing altogether when they attempt to cover it up," said Immler.

The dishonest police report unnerves the chief who, for the third time in a week, has seen officers charged with crimes related to filing reports with misleading information.

Now he wonders what will happen with the cases of other crooks who those officers have arrested.

"Any defense attorney is going to use this type of allegation against an officer if he was to testify in court," said Immler.

He's also worried about the effect the arrests will have on how the department is perceived in the community.

He hopes city residents see a department that is willing to root out corruption.

"Everything that you've seen this week, with the arrests of our officers, this is what is right about law enforcement, this isn't what is bad about law enforcement," said Immler.

The Police Benevolent Association of Palm Beach County said that it expects its officers to follow the law.

They also say that, just like every American, "Police officers have constitutional rights, just like any ordinary citizen."

The officers were placed on administrative duty.

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