Boynton Beach Woman helps empower women with their clothing

Boynton Beach - Flabby and sagging arms, a common complaint Susan Costanza would hear from women.

"They would see a collection in a fashion show and come back stage and say they would like the dresses and sleeveless and they would have funny names for their arms. They would call it bat wings."

The fashion show coordinator stepped in to help make women feel more confident.

"Women are beautiful in different sizes and like the dove ad, I love that women can be beautiful in different sizes," said Susan.

Three years ago she started Sleeves 2 Go, a local company.

"An idea came to me about a detachable sleeve and I sat down with some fabric and created a sleeve and worked with a seamstress," she said.

"I tell women to empower themselves and embrace their own style and beauty and to wear things that are flattering on their figure that don't fight them," added Susan.

Her local invention is going national. The "As Seen On T-V company Top Dog Direct will be filming an infomercial to sell her product next month. They are going to test market it and want us to go national and I am very, very excited about the opportunity."

Sleeves 2 Go, Inc.
Susan Costanza

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